Iowa “Corn”servatives Backing Rubio Recieved $4.7 Million in Subsidies

Marco Rubio’s campaign for the GOP presidential nomination is doing well enough in Iowa that he recently announced an agriculture leadership team to bolster his corn cred.

Both Jeb! Bush and the failed Scott Walker campaigns announced ag teams this summer. Rubio’s ream of 24 agriculture leader endorsements comes after Iowa consternation regarding his commitment to the corn ethanol mandate.

The endorsements come two months after questions emerged over Rubio’s support for the Renewable Fuel Standard, which is the ethanol industry’s top priorities. Rubio’s has since clarified his stance on the program, saying he’d support the RFS through 2022.

Iowa’s first in the nation primary caucus and the greedy desire of agribusiness to stay on the government dole make principled conservatism near impossible for most candidates. This has given rise to “Corn”servatives, Republicans who preach “conservative values,” and blast the “government overreach” in Obamacare, all the while pushing for more farm subsidies like crop insurance and corn ethanol mandates.

Rubio’s problems with the RFS are minor kernels compared to the pressure bombs Cornservatives are dropping on Ted Cruz for his vague opposition of the corn ethanol mandate.  The walking contradiction that is Donald Trump instinctively recognized  kindred spirits in Cornservatives and ran into the warm embrace of King Corn, as a champion eternal.

To drive this point home, a clear picture of Cornservative hypocrisy emerges when you run Rubio’s Iowa farm team through the Environmental Working Group’s farm subsidy database.

Jim Christensen –  $1,025,000
Ray Gaesser –  $1,093,828
Jim Greif –  $802,836
Jacob Handsaker – $15,558
Grant Kimberley –  $141,190 and $394, 376
Brent Lindgren, – $28, 116
Jerry Mohr (flipped form Jeb!’s team) $349, 734 and $56, 118
Jason Russell – $70, 096.
Eric Schlutz – $35,987
Tom Shipley, – $15,378
Dan Zumbach – $698,310

Total: $4,726,527

Sadly for Jeb!, the only place in Iowa where he is doing well is with his farm teams’ subsidies, which beat Rubio’s by a whopping $4.5 million.

Don Carr