Walker Fails to Trump Bush’s Iowa Team in Farm Subsidies

On Friday August 6th, the Republic of Awesome published a rundown of federal farm subsidies paid to presidential hopeful Jeb Bush’s Iowa “Farm Team.” Jeb’s team pulled in an impressive $9.2 million.

The piece also looked at the implications of cozying up to the highly subsidized in a Republican primary field where being a staunch conservative is the only job requirement and how crop insurance subsidies are still government payments even if other GOP hopefuls like them.

Then on Friday Wisconsin Governor and GOP presidential candidate Scott Walker announced his Iowa Leadership Team. With over 60 names and Iowa’s heavily subsidized agriculture sector, it seemed the potential was there to overtake Bush’s team in Uncle Sam’s generosity.

Alas, Walker’s team’s subsidies came in at $4,321,904. While still impressive that’s still less than half of Bush’s $9.2 million.

It’s also notable that Scott Walker is on a misguided mission to drug test food stamp recipients. This raises the question, shouldn’t the same standards apply to other beneficiaries of federal welfare? As the Washington Post’s Emily Badger wrote, ‘We rarely make similar demands of other recipients of government aid. We don’t drug-test farmers who receive agriculture subsidies.”

Pretty sure getting drug tested before the government cuts you a check is something the list below won’t have to contend with in a Walker administration. Here’s what the database spits out about Scott Walker’s farm team’s subsidies, both either direct or subsidies paid to farms they have ownership stakes in:

Mark Costello – $490, 438

Julian Garrett – $182, 176

Dan Zumbach – $698, 310

Tom Shipley – $15,378

Mark Segebart – $211,492

John Landon – $284, 301

Lee Hein – $868, 386

Dean Fisher – $28, 835

Dave Deyoe – $72, 616

Wayne Walter – $45, 218

Nancy Boettger – $9, 939

Shirley Geadelmann – $3,273

Chuck Brockmann – $175, 268

Norma Hames – $17, 607

Jeff Heil – $797, 585

John Maxwell – $421, 082

Total: $4.3 million.

Image from Madison.com.


Don Carr