Loos Science Tales: Blocking the State Farm Bureaus

Loos Science Tales is an ongoing ROA series. We aim to expose the lobbyists, pundits and politicians who are scientific experts when it comes to the safety of eating GMO crops yet are confused on the scientific consensus around human-induced climate change.

John Block

Mr. Block has an accomplished bio. He’s a former US Department of Agriculture Secretary under President Reagan, and a Senior Policy Advisor for the powerhouse agriculture related DC firm Olsson, Frank and Weeda. He’s also on the board of major agriculture organizations and companies and has a radio show/blog sponsored by Monsanto, John Deere and the Renewable Fuels Association.

Secretary Block is also seriously confused by science.

On the science behind the safety of consuming GMO crops he has said:

The anti-biotech crowd refuses to acknowledge the scientifically proven safety of biotech crops.

On the science behind climate change he says:

I don’t understand how the global warming crowd can claim they have science on their side.

A major pretense for passing the renewable fuels standard championed by the RFA was its unfulfilled promise to fight climate change. Monsanto is so invested in climate change they bought the Climate Corp. And John Deere is really into showing how they reduce GHG emissions.

I’m sure when they sponsored his show, these corporations believed they were supporting a GMO loving former USDA Secretary, not a climate science denier.

The Iowa Farm Bureau

The Iowa Farm Bureau is the most powerful farm organization in the state. They are so influential that a newly elected Congressman Republican Rod Blum openly admits he outsources his agriculture policy needs to the organization.

So does the Congressman get good science advice?

IAFB president Craig Hill said this about GMO safety:

Independent tests done over a period of nearly 20 years have proved that GMO crops are safe.

Hill has also said this about climate science:

Man’s role in that climate change is hard to determine.

And for a science sidebar, here’s the IAFB citing weather science to distract from farm pollution fouling Des Moines’ water, and here’s the Des Moines Waterworks manager calling bullshit on their assertions.

The South Dakota Farm Bureau

My home state FB is a real pillar of scientific reasoning. It’s president is particularly fond of crudely muddling science like mint leaves in a Mojito.

Here’s SDFB prez Scott VanderWal’s now predictable take on GMO safety:

These traits have been proven to be safe for animals and humans to consume.

And here’s his take on climate change science:

This climate change thing, in my opinion, is the biggest hoax that’s ever been placed upon the people of the world.

Sadly, I could do this all day.

Don Carr