Kristi Noem’s Turnip Truck Problem

Agriculture is South Dakota’s largest industry. And Congresswoman Kristi Noem’s political ascent has had some agriculture-related hiccups, which is confounding considering she grew up on the farm.

First there was her propensity for skipping agriculture committee meetings. Then the embarrassing stalled farm bill in the House of Representatives.

It also came to light that the avowed conservative who was swept into office on the Tea Party wave, benefited from hundreds of thousands in taxpayer funded federal farm subsidies. The Rapid City Journal asked about the payments and their potential conflict of interest.

Kristi Noem, the state’s sole U.S. representative, considers herself a former rancher and farmer.

And the Sioux Falls Argus Leader noted:

Noem’s spokesperson said the congresswoman actually sold her interest in Racota Valley in 2008.

Ok. We get it. She’s out of farming, a former farmer who sold her interest and therefore should not be accused of hypocrisy with federal subsidies.

Or is she?

Here’s a news release from Noem’s office on February 13th of this year:

As a lifelong farmer and rancher.


Don Carr