Love it or Leave it News: Destroyed Testicle Edition

It’s a new year and a renewed push by secessionists in California hoping to create a 51st state. “State of Jefferson” advocates have been trying for 50 years to breakaway from the Golden State. On Thursday they announced three  more counties had joined their effort.

“The whole northern third of California has a total of … three Assembly and three Senate representatives here in the capitol,” Rapini said. “Los Angeles County alone has 35 representatives. So our voice doesn’t matter here no matter who we put into office. Our voice doesn’t count, our whole third can vote opposite of the state and it doesn’t matter and it isn’t constitutional that we not be represented. And that’s what we argue is just equal representation.”

One Californian says his support of the State of Jefferson is due to the recent report on U.S. torture tactics in the War on Terror.

For me, I’m supporting the new State of Jefferson. Let’s do it.

Dianne Feinstein released the “torture scenario” in Congress. Wow. Not a fingernail nor tooth extracted without anesthesia. No fingers broken or testicles destroyed. Our enemies know how to “torture,” beheadings, etc.

And Minnesotans, not happy being lumped in with the “Midwest,” are toying with seceding from that catch all label for flyover country and becoming “The North.”

Have a good weekend.

Don Carr